He Never Changes

His love for me is more than what anyone could give me.
His mercy for me is more than what I could ever imagine.
I thought I am no one: a sinner.
But he showed me that I am someone: his daughter.

Sorry for the times that I’ve let you down.
Sorry for the things I’ve done that did not glorify you.
Sorry for all the times I’ve asked for your forgiveness and yet I was never really sorry after all; Sorry for doing it all over again.
Sorry Lord for hurting you.

Thank you Lord for everything; for the love that runs deep in the ocean and shines higher than the sky.
Thank you for your unending forgiveness.
Many times, I have failed you but your trust in me never fades.
Thank you for all the times that I come running home to you and you open all your doors for me.
You always believe that I am worthy of the love you’re giving me.
Thank you for never leaving me in all challenges of life.
Thank you for correcting me and healing me from all my weaknesses.
Thank you Lord for everything.
I Love You Lord.

All Praises, honor and glory are yours now and forever. Amen


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