Gone (Original) – Steffy Tabora

You’re my kind of peace that disturbs my amity.

You’re my kind of clever that fools my mentality.

The defender inside my troubled mind,

The traitor to my deeply wrecking heart.


You sing me songs and I don’t know why

There’s a rushing feeling in my heart that I can’t deny.

Is it really love that’s causing these melodies?

Please say yes and just take away my worries.


Blank yellow papers remind me of you;

Thick books and even click pens too.

How crazy am I to remember these,

We’re not even a couple, remind me please.


Q&A is our favorite game.

Late night conversations, you’re the one to blame.

One hour of sleep, I don’t seem to care;

Not talking to you is what I cannot bear.


Is this what you mean by Collide?

A violent impact that damages my heart.

I wanna know what’s going on your mind.

End my confusion, stop making me blind.


The last time I checked, love shouldn’t be hard as this.

Now tell me If I should give you my one last kiss.

Because I’d rather choose this to end;

For honestly, I fell in love and I won’t pretend.



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