Sweep Me Off My Feet


“What is your ideal man?”

…the usual question I get from random people when we talk about love. And as if it’s my first time to hear that question, I “always and all the time” pause and think. lol

Now, let me make a list of what’s really on my mind. I am not saying that I’d be able to, or will follow this when the right man comes; but hey I don’t think it would hurt to make a list of what my “ideal man” is 🙂


Okay, let’s not try to be hypocrites here. In one way or another, we usually gush over a person by the way he looks like. Most of the time, appearance is what we first notice about the person. At times, we look at a person’s appearance to judge his being. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t.

Physically, I’m pretty much assertive of what I want and what I don’t. So let me break it down for you:

  • I want someone taller than me. I’m 5’4″ in height, btw.
  • Someone who smiles like heaven. haha! Ow, pretty much like the guy below. hahaha jk.

    (c)  to @onlyMaja Twitter account
  • I like guys with clean nails. Hello Hygiene! 🙂
  • I find guys with thick eyebrows really cute.
  • Slim/Fit to Chubby is what I prefer. haha
    • PS: I said chubby, not overweight 🙂
Take it from him.
  • Moreno or just fair and smooth skin.
  • Please dress well, classy and accordingly.
  • Beard? Well it depends, if it looks good on you. Some looks hot with a beard and some looks just oh so dirty hahaha!
  • Tattoos? No, sorry 🙂
  • Stop wearing shades for “paporma” or “papogi”. No, you won’t catch me with your shades on.
  • I hate colored and long hair, sorry.
  • I don’t care about your abs. lol.


On the other hand, I honestly believe that in the long run, personality stands out more than what the eyes can see. Forgive me if I’d be listing “one word” descriptions as if I’m planning to buy some of these in the market. No, I just don’t think explanation is necessary:

  • Humble
  • Faithful
  • Honest
  • Sweet
  • Gentleman
  • Persevering
  • Dreamer and Realist
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Family-Oriented
  • Generous
  • Adventurous. Yup, bring me on different adventures please.
  • Patient. I’m moody at times so, wag ka na makisabay. haha. Sorry.
  • Intelligent. This I have to explain. Most guys swoon girls with their sweet flowery words. Lessen it a bit when you’re talking to me. I want  meaningful conversations where I’d be able to learn. Law, Politics, Science, World, Inventions, Life, Current events – bring me there. I don’t talk about these things a lot nor do I research these things online. But believe me, I’d find you more interesting if you’d be talking about these things to me.
  • A MAN WHO KEEPS HIS WORD. I don’t trust words, I trust actions.


Lastly, what I want in a man is someone who indulges himself in productivity, hobbies, talent and skill.

  • Someone with a good singing voice!
  • I find guys with innate dancing skill, HOT.
  • Someone sporty. Volleyball or Basketball is a plus factor.
  • Is eating a hobby? Okay, just put it there.
  • Okay, let’s watch a movie. Fine. But do you like horror, thriller, action and a little bit of scifi? Great!   


These are some of the well known public figures I like because they almost had it all. LOL

afhmtfk2 toni-gonzaga-46 258ad2ca2726e9cb706e5614716a9e7710299738_1434425583480974_983003146_n144b2ddc-b855-4ceb-ac39-9585678c52cf


  • I don’t usually go clubbing, so if you do, don’t brag it to me.
  • Smoking, don’t brag it to me.
  • Drunkard or Heavy Drinker? Ughh. Don’t brag it to me.
  • Gambler. PLEASE, don’t brag it to me.

To sum this up, let me include my mathematical solution for this: >, < or =.

  • A guy who looks good and isn’t aware he is > A guy who looks good and is “overly and too much” confident of himself. He’s got this “feel na feel ang pagiging pogi” sickness.
  • A guy who is “pahumble” < A guy who is humble. Yup, these two are different.
  • A guy who looks good = A guy who is physically neat.
So if you’re reading this because you like me, again, these are just “ideals”. Don’t box yourself inside the idea of my ideal man. I don’t need a perfect man, I want the right man; so please be real.



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